Our Services

  • Distribution of gruel everyday
  • Free siddha treatment for the poor
  • Youth welfare and cultural activities
  • Evening tuitions to the poor students
  • Corpse vehicle
  • Death fund
  • Welfare aid to the poor
  • Welfare aid for poor widows & pregnant women

Social Work Organization Often he told us unconditional faith on Sadguru and humanitarian act alone will lead us to the blissful path and the attainment of self realization. Spiritualism and humanism are inseperable event for the spiritualist. Every human should serve for fellow beings with the supplied source whether he is rich or poor.
If you sow the positive attributes into a man during his teenage period he would be the man of perfection. Psychologically a grown up youngster very much inclined towards his somatic body. In order to celebate them indirectly during the age of 13 to 19 years, our Guru initially inculcated the somatic education like martial arts. (Baba encouraged wrestling bouts during those days). By these activities our Guru just deviate the youngsters from malicious entertainments and misdemeanor activities. Our Guru indirectly induced the method of observing celibacy during the teenage. Persistent practice of martial arts helps one to cross beyond the physical level. It will lead them to spiritual insight.
After a life of incessant activity in transforming us to the eternal truth, he attained mahasamadhi on 1994. Though he has left his mortal frame, he had been the main source of inspiration for us to execute the aforementioned activities. During 1990’s before his departure from this earth, he handed over his entire religious treatise and spiritual books. Further more he asked us to follow the humanistic path along with the unconditional faith on Sath Guru Sainath.
Spiritual Development CenterFrom 1992 onwards we started our activities in our village like distribution of gruel and free siddha treatment for bone fracture cases and several other services. In those days we the member of Sai Sanmarga Dharmalayam aged about 10 - 20 years. We need money for these activities. In those days very few of us are employed with an incompleted academic qualification due to the family circumstances and rest were brats & students.
Initially, we were doing bone fracture treatment to the neighboring people. Entirely free treatment for not only to the poor also to the other people. In those days we were just mastering our healing techniques which are taught by our Guru. For preparing medicine and distribution gruel we never got any amount from anybody. We used to collected meager amount from each of us. Like 25 paise, 50 paise, 1 or 2 rupees with these amount we have done these activities.  By Baba’s grace steadily we have raised upto this level.
We don’t know ornamental linguaphonic expressions to explicit our attitude and yearnings. As we are savagery beings of small village, we don’t know about the urbanic formalities. We are reflecting and exposing what we are. We know obviously what we are doing is a trifle and trivial things. We are congnizant, doing these types of services so called punyakarmas are self purification process from the sinful stains of the poor.

We just travel through the indicated path by holding our Baba’s foot. We just are hoping the merciful hearted beings to make us to succeed in this cause. If not we will travel. WE APPROACHED OUR GURU FOR PHYSICAL SPORTS BUT HE DIRECTED US TO WITNESS THE DIVINE SPORTS.