Journeying towards...

We hereby invoke the blessings of elders of the spiritual passage, Sai families of the cosmos and kind hearted beings.

We make prostration before our Guru Shri Subba Rao Swamiji who was our light house, has initiated to Baba consciousness. Then we surrender ourselves entirely to the lotus feet of our Sath Guru Sainath, who is our sole refuge. We swear that there are no hidden expectations in exhibiting this anecdote. We just reminiscent our traveled way.

K.K. Chavady is an outskirt village of Coimbatore, located on the way to Palghat. During late 80’s a few novice juveniles aged about 10 yrs - 20 yrs interested in sports activity especially in martial arts. So we are searching for a true master. At last we spotted out and approached Sando Guru Shri Subbha Rao Swamigal, abode at Ramanathapuram 25 kilometers away from our village and 6 kilometers from Coimbatore Junction. In Tamilnadu the prefix sando is a honorific title given for martial art gallantry.
Our Guru revealed himself as a healer (siddha, ayurveda and varma system of traditional Indian medicines) and martial strategist. He was well versed in pugilism (juxtaposed punching techniques), wrestling, syllambum (stick fights), fencing and all kinds of Indian armed and unarmed combat martial arts. He taught the varma healing techniques and siddha medicine to his disciples for sports injuries and simple, complex orthopaedic cases. He also taught several other prophylactics for malignant ailments along with the martial art training He never got anything in return from his disciples.

Mundane existence was also a part of our Guru’s life. His family comprised of wife and two children. Initially, he was a motor mechanic in a company. Due to his renunciation of material wealth, his life was complicated for hand to mouth existence. He came across so many somber circumstantial situations. He was consistently working for the welfare of the downtrodden society. He was regularly feeding them with gruel every day. He gained only a stringent amount from his healing profession. The income earned by him was not sufficient to run his family. Even though, he never stopped the distribution of gruel and free treatment to the poor. Such a stalwart in martial arts and medicine he never merchantile his gallantry and artistryfor making money or any kind of material wealth.

After his late middle age he quit his job. Thereafter he devoted himself to an intensive research into the spiritual quest. He repeatedly used to read the lives and teachings of saints and yogis. Moreover, he was thoroughly gone through the treatise of all religions.

During those days a several sadhus and yogis used to visit our Guru. They gave some directions regarding his spiritual improvement, which we have witnessed several times. Initially he was impressed by Thiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar of Vadalur and Alukkusamy of Pollachi. They were the great yogis of 19th Century. He used to visit Alukkusamy temple regularly. Thereafter he was converted by a profound spiritual experience and most of the days he was in yogic trance. Ultimately he came under the influence of Shiridi Saibaba and very much inclined to Baba’s preaching. He solaced those who contacted him for the physical and mental afflictions he gave Baba’s photo. He told Baba photo is equvalent to seeing in person and being with us.
Parellelly, in between these happenings our Guru driftly and steadily deviated us from the martial art training. He staunchly directed as towards the humanism and spiritualism. He insisted us to do good deeds as far as possible with supplied means.
Guru has practically demonstrated to us how to do the charitable activities. His main object was doing the following charitable activities by him is to be followed by his disciples.